Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Even though we may not be able to see Mom this year, doesn’t mean we can’t show her we care. I wasn’t sure I would actually post a “Gift Guide” this year. I originally just wanted to share some ideas via Stories on IG but I wanted you all to have somewhere to find these ideas. So here are my five short and sweet Mother’s Day gift ideas :-).

  1. The Little Words Project (@littlewordsproject) bracelets are THE cutest but why not try making them yourself? Something you can do with your child too! If you don’t feel like being crafty check out !
  2. Hire a cleaning service to clean Moms home. This is one I hope to get! Lol. Find a local service near you. (Please make sure you do your research!).
  3. Send her flowers. So underrated sometimes! Find a florist that will allow you to select cut flowers and put the arrangement together yourself!
  4. Mom doesn’t like flowers? No problem. Write her a handwritten letter. Get fancy with your calligraphy! My sister wrote close friends and family letters a little over a year ago and I’m forever grateful to have that special gift.
  5. Have a custom family portrait done.

Hope you all enjoy these small ideas!

Little Words Project Bracelets found @mintandmajor
Custom family portrait. How cute!

Easter 2020

We’ve been quarantined for a month now and it’s Easter.

Our family has decided to heed the necessary warnings of the government and social distance but we do see our parents. I’m wondering how many people out there are shaking their heads as they read this 😅. Anyhow, it’s a decision we’ve made and we’ trying to be very cautious.

Mason is 2 now and didn’t really understand why the Easter Bunny came to see him or what Easter is really about. Explaining to a 2 year old that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we remember him on this day (and everyday), followed with a lot of “whys?” 😂.

He was so excited to open his Easter baskets. Getting one from Mommy and Daddy was awesome but to know the Easter Bunny also came to Grammy and Poppy’s… he was blown away. Next came his Easter egg hunt. He couldn’t understand why the Easter Bunny left all his eggs. We told him he had been really good and the Easter Bunny loves him. He said the cutest thing and I had to make sure I wrote this down. He said “that Easter Bunny was busy!” 😍 too sweet, right?

This age is so curious and innocent. Truly makes my heart melt. I’d love to hear some of your kids Easter Bunny comments! Kids really do say the sweetest and funniest things!

Staying Focused On What REALLY Matters

It’s Monday! The best day of the week. Today I’m inspired to write about “time”. We all have it and we all want more of it. The question is what are you spending your time on? This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I want be excited for each day and use every second of my day doing something that matters and is going to benefit me and my family in the future. I want to be more present with Mason as well. It’s so important to me to be present with him when I’m home. For example: Not being on my phone around him. I’m a working Mom and sadly only have my nights and weekends with him. Writing that down on paper makes me want to cry! But I do realize I’m not alone in this. So many other women have full time jobs and “juggle it all”. Hands up for you ladies!!

One thing that I’ve been doing lately is listening to a motivational podcast or video in the morning. Man, has this helped my mornings! And it keeps me on track for my day. What podcasts or videos do you listen to, to help you stay motivated? I’m always looking for new things to listen to!

Outfit details are linked below! The shoes unfortunately are not linkable but I have listed some AMAZING ones below that I love.

Old Navy Packable Puffer Jacket for Women • Old Navy

Nike Sportswear Essential Pullover Hoodie • Nike

Free People FP Movement Back Into It Joggers • Free People

Adidas Grand Court Sneaker – Men’s • adidas

Madewell Adidas Men’s Samba OG Sneakers • Madewell

Madewell Veja Men’s V-10 Sneakers • Madewell

Saturday Cozies

I love our Saturday mornings! We’ve been waking up on Saturdays and going to Eggspectations for breakfast. I’m beginning to love going there. I don’t know if you can quite call it a Saturday morning tradition yet but I like the idea of having a weekend or morning tradition. Something Mason loves and will enjoy as he gets older. What are some traditions your family has?

Check out the links below for details on my outfit this morning. What they say about these leggings are true. They really are worth every penny and are SO comfortable!

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 31″ *Full-On Luxtreme • Lululemon

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Slip-On Sneaker • Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s Abbot Slip-On Sneaker • Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s No Doubt Platform Slip-On Sneaker • Dr. Scholl’s

Free People Long Beach Tank • Free People

Walter Baker Tasha Zip-Up Bomber Jacket • Walter

Lanston Haiden Blocked Mesh Activewear Bomber Jacket • Lanston

Nike H86 Futura Washed Cap – Black/White • Nike

Nike AeroBill Tailwind Elite Baseball Cap • Nike

Nike Dri-FIT Featherlight Cap – White/Black • Nike

Golden Goose Dupes!

This has to be one of my FAVORITE outfits for Fall! I love comfy clothes for the weekend and if I could live in leggings, I would lol. Check out the links below for outfit details but be sure to check out this link for the best Golden Goose Sneakers dupe!

Golden Goose SSENSE Exclusive Silver Glitter Superstar Sneakers • Golden Goose

Noisy May led zepplin graphic band t-shirt • Noisy May

Led Zeppelin Tampa Stadium Burnout Tee by Free People • Free People

Barefoot Dreams® CozyChic(TM) Cardigan • Barefoot Dreams

Lilla P. Pocket Duster Cardigan • Lilla P

Madewell The Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash • Madewell

Must Have Basics

Every working lady needs a good blazer in her life! This is a classic and will stand the test of time. I’ve also been Obsessed with these Madewell Jeans lately. For me I had to size up. They’re a little snug in the hips but do stretch out! I paired the blazer with a white bodysuit. Links below for outfit details!

Madewell ‘Perfect Summer’ High Rise Ankle Jeans • Madewell

Universal Thread Women’s Makana Faux Leather Heeled Mule – Universal Thread • Universal Thread

Madewell Brady Low Cut Bootie • Madewell

The Mint Julep Boutique Take You Home Navy Blue Blazer

J.Crew Wool-Blend Blazer • J.Crew


Free People Truth or Square Bodysuit • Free People

Asos Tall ASOS DESIGN Tall v neck knitted bodysuit • Asos

Bar Iii Scoop Neckline Bodysuit • Bar III

Fall Layering

Fall Layering

Fall = Lots of Layering. I love layering slip dresses with Cardigans or a light sweater and a scarf. Makes surviving these wacky Maryland temperatures easier 🙂 See below for outfit details!

Slip dress is from Zara

Cardigan is old but from Nordstrom.

La Fiorentina Wool Silk Blend Scarf • La Fiorentina

Universal Thread Women’s Makana Faux Leather Heeled Mule – Universal Thread • Universal Thread

The Fifth of July

The day after a Holiday. Your one wish is to stay in bed for an extra hour because lets face it, you went a little too hard on the White Claws the day before. You just pray that your child sleeps in a little. And he does… It’s 8AM and he is still a sleep. You’re husband however, is wide awake and up for the day. Yes, I’m talking about Brian. He was up before me! I’m as shocked as you are. You go downstairs, make coffee, watch tv and he is still a sleep. 9:30AM rolls around and no peep. You’re sitting there wondering why you didn’t just try to fall back a sleep because this scenario will N.E.V.E.R happen again lol. But then around 9:50ish he finally wakes up. I have to admit I peaked in his room to make sure he was ok. Who else does this? Even though you know deep down they’re completely fine, you still want to double check.

Mason’s morning routine is: wake up, get milky, watch a few shows and eat breakfast. This morning we watched Paw Patrols and somewhere during the episode they said, “surprise”. Well, that is the first time he said surprise and wouldn’t stop saying it all day. When he says new words it makes my heart SO happy :-).

What else do 30 somethings do on their day off? Hit up Lowes of course. We’re contemplating redoing our kitchen and just wanted to price some things out. If you guys have any remodeling tips send them my way! But yea, after that Brian had some catching up to do on work and Mason and I went to the pool. Here are some pics of us at the pool last week but we wore the same swimsuits. I’m obsessed with them and they’re from Target! So you can snag these online or run into your local store. What have you guys been up to this Holiday weekend?

These swim trunks are Cat & Jack and are only $9.99! Link below for direct link.

This swimsuit is Target as well. Top and Bottom sold separately. Each piece was $14.99. Not bad! Direct links below.

Babies don’t keep

I have been trying to think of a direction I want to go with my blog. I love writing but haven’t been very inspired to write lately. I was out with Mommy friends the other day and was given some very good advice. Journal a little each day. Journal about what you did that day, miles stones your child has hit, funny or sad things that happened, phrases they say. Memories fade, unfortunately, but being able to go back and read about different events that happened, you’ll cherish forever. This really hit home for me. I have a lot of memories of my childhood but sadly, a lot have faded.

That being said, I’m going to use this space to write about my family. The silly, sad, happy and everything in between. I will of course be sharing all of my outfits and Masons 🙂 and any great finds! I hope you all enjoy the ride ❤️

A little color for your Thursday

I have to admit I’m usually slightly behind on most trends. I love new looks but trying them for myself is another story. I completely jumped on the high rise band wagon though and am not hopping off! I hope high rise jeans neverrr go out of style. I’m also LOVING the wider leg trend. Check out these super cute blue high rise pants. They are on MAJOR sale and are from Anthropologie. So ladies, run don’t walk! They’re currently under $60! I’ve also linked some tops/ shoes to complete the look. Sadly, the top I have on, is not linkable but if it ever is, I will be sure to link it for you! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

Anthropologie Cassidy Belted Wide-Leg Pants • Anthropologie • $59.95

Daniel Rainn Miranda Eyelet Halter Top • Daniel Rainn • $90

Maeve Southern Silk Blouse • Maeve • $150

Farylrobin Zaina Platform Sandals • Faryl Robin • $158

Klub Nico Victoria Platform Heels • Klub Nico • Sold Out

Steve Madden Women Irenee Two-Piece Block-Heel Sandals • Steve Madden • $79

Nashelle 14k-Gold Fill Initial Disc Necklace • Nashelle • $50

Brixton ‘Joanna’ Straw Hat • Brixton • $44

Anthropologie Delicate Monogram Necklace • Anthropologie • $38

Isabella Sinclair Getaway Ruffled Top • Isabella Collection • $90

High Rise Straight Chinos • Gap • $59.95

Pepin Galveston Top • $120

Maeve Scarf-Printed Shorts • Maeve • $80